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Thread: Car PC System Questions

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    Car PC System Questions

    I have an A7N8X-DLX mobo, 2000+ CPU, 512 DDR (donít remember what speed) and an 80 gig WD HDD.

    My question: What PSU should I get to power this set up?

    I will be running an AGP Video card. NO DVD or CD Drive. I have a built in inverter (100W) in my car (2004 Toyota Matrix XR). I plan on using a Xenarc 7" touch screen in the dash.

    SO whatís my best power option? I'm proficient in electronics. If anyone has a good schematic and PCB layout for something that would work for me, that would rock.

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    Is the 100 watts for the built in inverter RMS or peak? Kinda OT but i'm just curious.
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    On the outlet it says 100W, 115V. THats all I know right now. I'll try to find some more info.

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    OT == Off Topic

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    Ic :d

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    I think you'll need the Opus 150W to power that setup. I'm pretty sure that setup uses more than 100W.
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