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Thread: How good is the video on the Shuttle FV24 motherboard?

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    Question How good is the video on the Shuttle FV24 motherboard?

    I am considering purchasing a shuttle FV24 motherboard for use in my car, and using a celeron 600 to 1000 Mhz processor with it.

    I am as of now using a Pentium II 400 (non celeron) with a voodoo3 2000 video card.

    My question is, will the video be comparable during a "directX episode" i.e. during my winamp visuals? Right now, I run WhiteCap and it is not too shabby, and I really don't want to lose framerate. I am running Win98Lite with Cobra 3 as the explorer.

    Also, I need to get ahold of Jeff Mucha to see about purchasing or building one of those ATX power supplies!

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    On my shuttle fv24 I run winamp vis plugins full screen and framerate is very good. i also played DVD, DIVX, AVI movies and it rocks =)
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