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Thread: Cardbus advice needed....

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    Cardbus advice needed....

    My laptop only has 1 pcmcia (cardbus) slot but i would like to add firewire for external DVD and HDD (as i prefer it to USB2 for sustained rate) and USB2 for an external soundcard and wireless lan. I have seen a card with 2 usb2 and 2 firewire (one normal, one small type) ports and wondered if it would work ok with all this attached. I read another thread about this which had the opinion that cardbus would be ok for a drive and something else but this is quite a lot to connect.

    Of course it is unlikely that most peripherals would be used at once to full speed - eg when watching a dvd i wont be using the net or downloading files and the only time the dvd and hdd would both be working is the occasional ripping of new CDs which shouldn't be too demanding.

    Alternatively i have a docking port with 2 more cardbus slots but i would rather use my port replicator so i can use dc-dc

    OR i also have a CF cardbus slot which shows up separately but identically to the full pcmcia sized one and wondered if anyone had seen a firewire or usb2 adapter in CF size as i can't find one anywhere.


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    i have seen CF wireless and bluetooth adapters but would really liek to use the CF for USB2 or firewire - anyone seen any???? There must be a a CF->USB2 adapter for a PDA somewhere.

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