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Thread: should i be turning my external hard drive off on freezing nights

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    pardon my lack of knowledge here...if I turn my computer into Hibernate mode, does that mean the HD is not on? I live in the part of states w/ extreme cold weather, and I am now getting concerned w/ the cold temperature on my FLUID BEARING Hard Drive. If hibernation will keeps the drive "warm", that would save me tons of trouble.....


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    hibernation turns everything off
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    Pardon my confusion, but is anyone thinking about wear and tear. I don't know the answer, but is leaving a hard drive on 24/7 better than having it shutdown when not in use for long periods(6-8 hours plus). I'm going to assume, until someone corrects me, that leaving the drive on at all times would increase wear and tear especially when it's cold. I mean it's 30 degrees now, but in a month or so it's going to be approaching freezing on a regular basis.

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    Perhaps I'm missing something or perhaps I'm wrong, but

    Unless the drive is actively being read, doesn't it spind down on its own? Power or no power it's going to get cold. Make an active heater for it, that wont drain your battery.

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    it doesnt completely stop spinning just slows to a lower rpm. It will still create its own heat. Whether its suffiicient i dont know.

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    Anyone have a Tivo? The hard drives they use are designed to be on & spinning all the time. I think leaving it spinning constantly probably doesn't make much of a difference to drive life.
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