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Thread: Low profile Vga Cable?? Lilliput Vga too big!

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    Low profile Vga Cable?? Lilliput Vga too big!

    Hey Guys, Im at a crossroads here and need some help.

    I planned on installing my MII 12000 in the dash where the old radio
    was. Im goinh HU less. My board fits perfectly width wise. Depth is ok
    until I have to attach cables. The back of my Lilliput screen will hit the
    vga cable were it attaches to the motherboard. ITS SO CLOSE!!. I am able
    to clear the usb's, firewire and keyboard and mouse but that Damn VGA end from the Lilliput is HUGE!. You guys got any ideas for me.


    Carputer in design stage...
    Currently working on Lilliput In Dash Install...
    MII 12000 + 512Mb Ram + Panasonic Slim DVD, CDRW + Lilliput 7" + Opus 150W + 3.5 120gb Drive... most parts on order!!

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    hope this helps.

    p.s. just fyi - if you put the exact phrase of your topic title into Google... well you know...

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    Search this thread.
    There are some ideas. The adapter I'm using works fine.

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