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Thread: Windows freezing

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    Windows freezing

    Okay would really appreciate any ideas or help any one can give me. My problem is that I have a 15 ft ide cable (I donít need to be told that this wont work) and it workes with a full-sized cd/dvd but when I try and use it with my slim slot load drive windows freezes on startup. If I boot to safe mode everything works even the slot load drive just cant figure out any way to get it to get past the normal startup unless i plug the slim drive in with just a normal calbe then it works.

    Thanks for any ideas any one can come up with I just cant figure out y it would work with my full-sized drive and not with the other and y the slim one works in safe mode.

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    Any one have any ideas anything I can try I am just getting really frustrated

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    Your cables are too long (i can tell you don't need to be told this won't work) different units will place different demands on various signals traveling those 15feet. (and they'll do so at different times).

    One thing you could try is placing a filter (ring magnent) around the cables to see if that reducees noise that may be causing the heartaches.

    & even if you do get 15' IDE cables to work temporarily.. you'll be a freak of nature.. -- they exist sure enough.. but they're not easily replicated.

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    and this wont work

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