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    Please, could someone refer me to a site where i could learn a little more about putting a computer in my car. I don't want it for just MP3's. I want to watch DVD's and Get GPS even Surf the web with wireless internet while waiting in traffic. I have a 96 honda accord. So any sites or info would be much appreciated. I don't know how i'm gonna fit a 12" screen in my car, but i'll find out some how. Thanks!!!!

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    Post ?????

    Sorry.. hehehhe.. just couldn't help it..

    But really.. if you search around this forum you will get more than enough info to get by.
    When you've got specific questions we're glad to help you out !!!

    You also could take a look at

    This link will give you an overview of sites which members of this board have created and put their information in.

    Hope this helps you out !

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