I have been haveing trouble formatting my hard drive and getting it to work. Every time I would try to format it it would say that the disk is bad. I put it in my desktop PC and it formatted and installed windows with no problem but when I put it into the car pc it wouldnt boot into windows The mobo and processor I am useing in my car pc were in another computer with a bad hard drive. Last night it hit me that maybe neither hard drive was bad and some of the other components were makeing it look like a bad HD. I took out the ram and tried the ram from another computer and that didnt help. I reset the bios, still didnt help. I had an extra processor lieing around that was previously on the mobo (It was upgraded earlier this year) and I tried it. When I put it in It got so hot that the heat sink compound started smokeing before it even booted up. I immediatly turned the computer off and put the original processor back in. It now did the same thing.

So I am now pretty sure that I have a mobo or processor issue, does this sound like the case? I am leaning more towards the mother board being bad because I know the second processor I used was good. If it is a mobo issue have a probably fried both processors too? Thanks for the help guys