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Thread: temp battery power to the lighter plug?

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    temp battery power to the lighter plug?

    is it possible that to power the cigarette lighter plug while the engline is cranking?

    right now when I crank my car, it automatically shut off the power to the cigarette lighter.


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    Sure, My suburban has the cig lighter powered all the time on, off or crank.
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    yup. Wire it straight to the battery. It's probably wired to your ACC, which is off when the car is cranking.

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    It's also possible that the lighter is always powered, even during crank, but while cranking the voltage drops low enough to make whatever you're trying to run cut out.

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    my inverter survives in cranking if it's wired directly to the battery, but not when I wired it to the lighter plug. so i think the lighter is not powered while cranking.

    I want the cigarette off when the engine is off so I don't want to wired it diectly to the battery.

    any more suggestions? what about using a timing circuit that temporary draw power from the battery for 5 sec while cranking?

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    It's quite possible that your cigarette lighter is powered during crank. The loss in power is probably due to the tiny wires that are used to wire your cigarette lighter. They don't really supply enough power for a large inverter, and the voltage drop during cranking probably just pushed you over the edge.

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