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Thread: Best case for 90w Opus.

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    Best case for 90w Opus.

    I want everyone's opinion. Which mini-itx small case requires the LEAST modification when using all slimline parts (hdd/dvd) with a 90watt opus.

    I just got a Morex and everything fits (kinda) but alot of modification is necessary to get everything to stay in place.

    I was thinking a Travla C137... but are there any mounting brackets available that let you use the opus without drilling?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Edit- any case besides the case made by Opus ofcource.

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    This is the same question i've got.. What's a good case to fit a 90 or even a 150 watt opus into?

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    I hear the Morex Cubid 3677 and 3688 cases you can put the Opus 90W in it with little modifications. Do a search since I remember one or two people posting that they did it with pictures. I'll probably be getting an Opus 90W soon and trying to get it installed in my 3688
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