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Thread: Ok ,just getting started here, please help

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    Ok ,just getting started here, please help

    I am just starting to understand how to make an MP3 player for my car but I have a few questions, 1. how do you get the line out of the computer, into the radio, I have a stock 80's GM radio 2. Is it better to run the software in DOS or Windows? 3. where can I find some very small computer boxes?

    thats about it, some step by step instructions would help alot if anyone knows some good sites

    Thanks, Dan

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    You can get sound to your radio a number of ways.. if it is a tape deck.. then you can run a tape adapter from your computer to the deck.. otherwise, you can buy an FM modulator that connects to the computer and then you tune your deck to the FM freq that it is transmitting on..

    The best way to do it is to spend $200 and buy a deck with AUX input like the pioneers with the CD-RB10 add on.. that way you get perfect quality sound.. the sound through a tape deck isn't too bad.. FM modulators are probably slightly worse depending on the one you get..

    As for the operating system you should use.. both have their advantages..

    DOS is good cause it boots up fast and its faster if you have a slower computer.. windows is good if you have an LCD and want a graphical interface.. its also good cause there is a lot of software only for windows..


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