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Thread: ITPS Kills Hard Drives

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    Angry ITPS Kills Hard Drives

    First off, I have an ITPS. It would seem that when the car's voltage drops enough for the pc to restart, this results in a fried hdd one in 5 times. This has happened to me twice in one week. I think the cashier is getting suspicious, what w/ me returning them and all.

    I've also noticed that it constantly restarts @ night due to the headlights suckin up all the power. Guess who's gettin an Opus for x-mas? lol

    Correct me if i'm wrong by all means, i've already wasted $80 on the itps and pw-70 crap. Should I get the opus, or did something else cause this? For constant power I ran a wire straight from the battery, and for switched I tapped the radio fuse.

    Also, I'm running a 3.5" hdd and occasionally a dvd-rom (to install software) the small opus should be powerful enough, no?

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    It's not really that small...No, seriously. judoGTI's Avatar
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    I dunno, many others have been using this find for sometime. I think we would have heard by now if they were faulty.
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    Opus is worth every cent. You will not regret buying it.

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    you should have done a search on them.. they are basically trash.. no real voltage regulation on the 12v rail
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    I'm hearing a lot of those stories..
    So glad i did bought the most simple converter i could possibly get.
    I did bought a 300 watt converter.. it's a bit silly.. 12 -220 - 12 volt, but it works..
    Another great feature is that i can use a simple desktop computer.. planning to buy a new micro atx (biostar) to gain extra performance.

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    ITPTS is crap, I agree

    I had two of them, and it just wouldn't run my Hard drive at all. It fried one of mine too. I highly recommend OPUS as well.

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    If you can handle the soldering iron, Mastero Sproggy Mk4.5 will do it.
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    If you already have a PW-70 then you can consider a carnetix P1260 ($85). I use it with my PW-60 without any problems. If you need the extra power then go with the OPUS. I agree the ITPS is total crap. I purchased one to use as a startup/shutdown controller only and that would not even work.

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    yep. i sent back my itps and got the opus

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    Never had trouble with mine, though i've used a pretty old power sucking harddrive sometime..

    The only thing you really need is a tank battery, that way the voltage wouldn't drop and cause your computer to restart
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