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Thread: Steering Wheel ADD-ON Controls w/o System

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    im have been testing with the USB-UIRT \ Girder and a Jenson IR20 remote using RR. So far soo good, i only wish the USB-UIRT was smaller for easy install in a car

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    The IRman is 3"x2.7"x1", how did you install that in a position that it would pick up the Pioneer controller and also still work the HeadUnit?

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    car dvd with gps steering wheel control

    Why waste your money for just steering wheel control radio? You can get more!
    I bought one all-in-one double din car dvd with which comes steering wheel control, Double din dvd Navigation + 7 inch touchscreen + Bluetooth + dual zone + Steering Wheel control, total $380 to get it to be shipped in bed!
    I'm really happy with it until now

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    Quote Originally Posted by saysRomeo View Post

    Buy a $20 usb keyboard, take the controller out of it, trace the inputs for up, down, left, right, ect...(hotkeys for winamp or whatever you use), buy the matching connector solder together and plug it in.

    Now you have a $25 Gm Steeringwheel Control to USB converter using native Keyboard API; cross platform support. Other option include using a joystick controller...same concept.
    I like this concept. I'm actually trying to design steering wheel controls as well as stickshift controls. What I'd really like is a mouseball of some sort recessed into the steering wheel along with a few buttons. This would allow me to navigate through the OS as if I had a mouse. I'd probably put a clickable (xbox like) thumbstick on the side. I'd set up some sort of contextual menu system so I could do just about everything from that thumbstick if needed. So if I could accomplish this with some spare computer parts I already have sitting around and some time and effort that would be cool.

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