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Thread: can i connect my xbox to my car amp??

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    audio control matrix will jack up the pre out voltage to 9.5v rms, but this is more than most amps will take, i have mine set at 7v, and it was like night and day when i installed it. Its only like $150 for 6 channels. Awesome piece of hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegatronUK
    My previous setup used an Xbox......

    Xbox composite video -> Headunit

    Xbox L audio -> Headunit
    Xbox R audio -> Headunit

    Headunit front audio-> External Amp -> Component front Speakers
    Headunit rear audio-> Headunit Amp -> Factory rear Speakers

    Worked fine.
    Can you explain why you would hook up your video composite to your head unit? Does your HU have a vid screen that accepts input?

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    I think you misunderstood..

    I have the same setup as Megatron, where my xbox connects to AUX in on the deck then to the amp.

    What i am saying is that it will sound horrible and you will ahve no volume control without something between the amp and the xbox (IE. EQ, deck or something)
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    Headunits Speaker Splits PLZ HELP!!!

    can anyone help?? I have a Pioneer DEH-P7000UB. being a student i cudn't afford to buy a sub and amp to make my car pump... therefore i took some old household speakers from my old hi-fi system and wired them up to my car... splitting the rear speakers with the hi-fi speakers ideally it sounds a lot better and does kick... however a mate of mine told me if i left it like this sooner or later it will fry the headunit... is this true? and what are alternatives?? plzzzzzzz HELP!

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    Home speakers are usually 8 ohm. Car speakers are usually 4 ohm. By wiring them up in parallel, you are presenting a load of about 2.67 ohms to your headunit. Most headunits aren't rated to go lower than 4 ohms. Yes you could damage your headunit if you leave it this way.

    Plus I doubt that the 22 watts RMS per channel that your HU is putting out is going to make your car "kick". Search ebay, craigslist, and local pawn shops for a decent amp. And remember, when shopping amps, compare RMS wattage ratings, not peak ratings, which are mostly meaningless.

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    1 - Threadjacking is bad. (Threadjacking is tacking onto an existing thread with nothing useful or straying off the original thread topic.)

    2 - Threadjacking a four year old thread willg et you ridiculed mercilessly.

    3 - This query really belongs in the Car Audio subforum.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
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