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Thread: USB device that retrieves weather information?

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    USB device that retrieves weather information?

    Yea I put a question mark in the topic so as not to get anyones hopes up. Without using an internet connection, does anyone know of a device that would lock into weather satellites or servers and constantly retrieve information (similar to the way a GPS reciever works)??
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    This was so random...I'm surprised such a thing exists. It even fits all the requests.

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    not sure you really need global weather patterns in a car though! How fast does it go? Can it fly? $200 aint bad though for a specialised piece of hardware, work out a way to link it to your GPS to direct you to the best surf/snow or send it dummy storm info to spoof the missus when you are supposed to be going to her parents for dinner or even dabble in a bit of storm chasing - cooool. Reminds me of a very annoying parrot that came with my soundblaster card that would log on to the internet and tell me what the weather was going to be - it never really understood swear words though and would never get the hint!

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