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Thread: Who has a printer in their car?

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    ugh, sadly, i do remember that from the *one* time i watched that show. it was for this girl that liked taking pictures...they also gave her some digital camera.
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    For 4x6 picutes get a Picturemate or Picturemate Deluxe. Don't even consider the Canon, Kodak or HP printers if you care about your budget. Their cost per page is like 70 cents a photo vs. the Picturemate's 29 cents a photo.

    As for printing in a car - get a Canon PIXMA IP90 portable printer or a smal llaser printer. Laser's use dry toner and can handle the heat and harsness of a car. Inkjets will have a problem with the ink drying up in the print heads and with the print head getting out of alignment due to an unstable surface (moving car lol).

    I'd suggest a Samsung ML-1740 if you really want a printer.


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    I've got a Sony dye-sub photo printer in my car. It's one of those consumer units that only prints out 4x6 or 3x5. I bought it for real cheap from Staples and mounted it in my trunk over the weekend. I rigged up a power switch that goes to the front of the car. It should do very well since the only moving parts are rollers that aren't event activated until switched on. I would HIGHLY recommend one of these printers for their size and good print quality.

    Pics coming soon.

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