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Thread: Who has a printer in their car?

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    Who has a printer in their car?

    I just bought a new digital camera and they gave me a free printer that does copies and scans. I was thinking about just for the hell of it putting in my trunk but I was wondering if anyones done this before. I wasn't sure if the ink would freeze or if the printer could make it though the weather and bumps and what not. The last thing I was is ink spilled all over my trunk.

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    I doubt the printer would have any trouble lasting through bumps and such. I can't think of a time when I have ever needed one. Don't want to have anything in my trunk that I don't need.
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    I would love to see a picture of one at a car meet, just to show "proof of concept." I think it would be hilarious to have one in the trunk to print things at a show or something. Like flyers, or business advertisements.

    I don't know about survival though. I don't know about the ink, it may leak. I know it is supposed to be electically "shot" onto the paper, but I don't know how well the cartridges are going to stand up to shaking. You might want to shake the cartrdige by hand like it would be on the road, just in case...
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    I've been thinking about doing that for work, I need access to technical manuals that come on CD's. It might be a good solution but now I wonder if an Inkjet can survive the winter. I think Laser might be the way to go but I'm sure it requires more wattage.

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    actually, it is common for some delivery services to have thermal printers since they can take the abuse. laser and ink jet can't.
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    I kinda do. It's not mounted or installed but I do carry it with me. A Cannon BJC-70 portable printer. I use it for printing estimates and invoices.

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    Well, with epson printers like my C80 and my C86, the cartriges are closed automatically. You are actually supposed to shake them before you open up the vacuum sealed bags. So I think my printer would stand up the the abuse

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    I need some kind of portable 4x6 photo style printer or somethin that I can have in the car for dyno sheets and performance results.
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    done it already with a inkjet. worked great for about 2 days. heat dried the ink carts...

    heres pic
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    I don't know exactly how much I would need it. I might use it to print pictures on the road or when I'm out with some friends but other than that I think I might just use the copier the most. The thing that I am mainly afraid of though is the ink actually freezing. I live in St. Louis and we get some pretty cold winters and I know I've had sodas blow up that I forgot in my car and that was a big mess so I could only imagine a thing of ink exploding.

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