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Thread: Using DVD drive

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    Question Using DVD drive

    well I thought I was having some powering issue due to the fact that when I tried to play a DVD through my DVD drive, the computer would freeze up, well a buddy of mine decided to put a CD in and the drive seems to work fine. So now I'm confused...does DVD play back consume more power than the CD playback? BTW I'm running the 75W powersupply from mp3car


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    Well, could be a few factors. I don't think DVD uses more power. as far as the 75 watts, that says nothing without knowing what else you are running off that power supply.

    I would try to start diagnosing this by disabling auto-start from the cd drive and see if this is replicated or not. If it is, then its probably a power/cdrom drive issue. If it doesn't come back, then you got a software issue.

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