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Thread: Computer Crashes When I hit a bump

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    Computer Crashes When I hit a bump

    So I had the first long road test of my carputer the last couple of days. I went to Lake Tahoe for a snowboarding excursion.

    On the way back the computer crashed 3 times becasue of bumpy roads.

    What happens is that the screen goes blank and the the music stops. It appears that the motherboard is still running becasue all fans are running but the only thing i can do to get it up and running is reboot.

    My computer is in the glove box. My hard Drive is mounted vertically. Is there anything i can do to eliminate the crashes.
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    Crimson, post your setup... Sounds more like a hdd problem...although it shoudn't be. Is it sufficiently ventilated? Describe the bumpes in the road...

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    I had th same problem. Check your HDD connections.
    Mine used to disconnect and crash on bumps.
    You might have a bad wire in your HDD cable somewhere, replace the cable and see if it still crashes.
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    I had a similar problem on my first carPC attempt. My HD was mounted horizontally. I know you're not supposed to do that, but I already made the case before I learned. Anyways... I tried it out in the car and my CarPC was located RIGHT over the rear axle. Hard bumps were jolting the solid axle pretty hard and transmitting straight to the carPC.

    I ended up putting foam pads between the hard drive and my case to cushion the 'shock'. Since then, I haven't had any more crashes. I will be moving my carPC to a less 'shocking' location.
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    although it is possible the hard drive is the problem, dont limit your self to the idea;{since the computer didnt restart, its not other wireing problems}, its still very possible its a power problem, or a wire to another device, or as simple as a PCI card bumping loose for the moment... Just saying check EVERY-THING, wiggle everything with it on, if its not the harddrive then wiggling everything will find it, if it is the harddrive try flicking it with your finger (in center & at the connector), do all this until you reproduce the problem, and you will only then REALLY know what is going on...

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    What he said.

    I had the same problem with mine, because of a loose power connector. I'm using an external hard drive, and whenever I would hit a bump the power connector would fall out. Some firm jamming, and some filing and it fit much better.
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    Try mounting the drive "correctly" with this stuff.
    Kyosho Vibration Mounting Gel

    I used it in my PC to mount my CF microdrive, first used it on my RC helicopter to mount the gyro which is more sensitve then a HD. It is a sticky gel compound that eliminates vibration for sensitive electronics. All I can say is it works great, how much shock it will absorb I can't say, but it should help you.


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    Check all the connections for power and data (HD cables) also and cards (PCI/AGP).

    My bet is on a loose or wiggly connections or maybe heat build up (less likely)

    The orientation of the HD does not matter, mount it solidly and forget it.
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    The same prob happened to a friend. He had the home pc on top of his sub, and sometimes the screen would go blank. The power supply fans kept going and we could still hear some "activity" inside the case. I wiggled the power wires going to the hard drive and the pc came back to life. We tightened the connector pins and so far so good.

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    Whenever my carputer does exactly that (screen/music freezes, puter is still running) it was because a bump knocked my damn audigy pci card out again. Happens quite a bit, my puter is laying in my trunk screwed to a piece of plywood

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