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Thread: What is PXE-E61 : Media Failure check cable?

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    What is PXE-E61 : Media Failure check cable?

    That's what the my computer says at startup. Doesn't stop or anything tho'.
    And are the small cables coming from the Travla C134-case's PSU(can't remember what cables right now, but some seemed to have to do with audio and some were ground and such) something important, for I left them unattached, the computer starts atleast the install process of Windows normally.
    Wanted to know if theyre important, for then I wouldn't close the case for good yet(wouldn't want to open it again tho, now that I got everything to fit inside)..

    Thanks !

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    It is to do with the network... In your BIOS there might be a setting to boot off network. If you disable it, the warning should go away...

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