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Thread: ME6000 vs M10000 almost no difference ?

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    ME6000 vs M10000 almost no difference ?

    Just wanted to ask if you see big difference in speed between EPIA-ME6000 and EPIA-M10000.
    I'm running a video decoding test under Linux and seeing almost no difference in performance.
    Video playback 576x416 6ch rates are: 45 vs 48 FPS
    Also running my graphics tests under DirectFB also does not show any significant difference( ~6% ). I think this is because of the slow system bus. I use PC2700, CS2.5 DDR.

    How about Windows, guys ? Any observations ?
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    i got a ME6000 and its fast for everything i really dont think there is much of a difference speed wise as your tests show there is hardly a difference
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