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Thread: "Micro Shutdown Control" STR Question

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    20 "Micro Shutdown Control" STR Question

    Quick question about's "Micro Shutdown Controller", or "uSDC20D". The only reason I would buy this little baby is if I could use it with my STR (Suspend To RAM) PC. I've checked out the schematics from all over the place, but the one thing I can't determine is if this will work with a STR setup. The PC will be connected, always on, to the battery in order to keep juice flowin' to the RAM (which doesn't drain your battery). I know the control just sends a "on / off" command to the power switch, which would put it in standby. But, it looks as if the controller wants to then kill power to the PC's power supply... and may wait until 15 minutes goes by and automatically kill the power. If this is so, is it possible to bypass connecting the power from the controller (which does need power itself), and rather just connect a separate power line to the PC, and let the ACC "Ignition" give the command when to wake or sleep the machine via the PC power switch?

    I understand this is a pretty pacific question, and I may not find anyone with answers to it (yet), but if you know (for a fact) this will work, let us hear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serial Thrilla

    I understand this is a pretty pacific question
    Not an Atlantic question then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serial Thrilla

    I understand this is a pretty pacific question...
    Sorry bro, but the Pacific is an Ocean
    I think you mean specific...Aside from that, I have no answer, sorry
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    I, too, am wondering about the same question... but I'll find that out soon enough... when I hook everything up together...
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