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Thread: Generic DVD-Rom won't start up...

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    Perhaps a power problem? Dvd drives eat quite some juice after all. You might want to check this by having the system powered by an ordinary ATX psu overnight.

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    Yeah I thought about that too. It is powered by a normal ATX power supply. It has more then enough power for this set up. Any other ideas?

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    Plug into a power usb hub and see what happen.
    Look like it a power problem.
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    How long is the usb cable?

    I had the same problem with a slot load and one of those "adapters".

    It was behaving the same way. Sometimes it would recognize it, sometimes not, usually wouldn't read a disk.

    I put a 5v power supply up front and plugged it into a powered Hub- bingo! problem solved. Works everytime.


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    Well the DVD ROM is just on a normal IDE cable, about 12 or 14" long. It has the normal Molex power cable attached to it as well. There is no USB cable on my set up. Its just hooked directly to the MB with the IDE cable. So I don't think the length or the power could be the problem.

    Like I said before, this drive worked 100% over the last 1.5 years in my desktop. Its being powered by the same Power Supply, so why should it not work?

    Thanks for the ideas though.

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