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Thread: Resets without reset button? I Hate them

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    Resets without reset button? I Hate them

    Hi all.

    I have a strange problem. I have a power supply mounted in front of my car. My whole car system works just fine with a normal power supply but with the power supply i have ATX from holland my system works 5 minutes if my didn't drive for 4 hours, then it random resets.

    If i check the motherboard led (power on) it flashes sometimes 10 times and then it stops flashing and the computer starts up. When starting windows or in windows or just after the bios, it resets.

    I think that it resets because of the flashing power led. When i hit reset, then the led goes out so when it blinks i think the power supply just send resets to my motherboard.

    The system works perfect with a normal PS so i think to pu my ps in a metal box to stop the EMC.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? It's sure a problem with my PS but i don't know what the problem is so i'll try to put it in a box first. Hopefully it works and if it don't... help me.

    My car battery is strong enough !


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    Sounds to me as if the p[ower geting from the PS to the computer (motherboard, primarily) isn't stable. If it fluctuates too high or too low, it's going to cause what you're experiencing.
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    I measrud 5V,3,3V and 12V and it looks stable to me so that's why i'm thinking about EMC from the alternator or something :s

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    no - measure the 12v into the psu....

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    That's 13.8V when the engine runs and 12.5V when on battery So that's just fine.
    The weird thing is that the problem is gone if the engine is down for more then 4 hours. Then the system works fine for 5 minutes and then i have the problem again...

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    I had a similar problem when i used an ITPS. In my case it was caused by 2 cooling fans by the radiator wich caused the voltage to drop below 10v (sometimes even below 9v) This is not enough for the ITPS and thus caused the PC to reset/reboot.

    Maybe something like this is happening to you? If i read the specs of the powersupply right the input voltage should be at least 10v.

    To find the problem i removed the pc from the power and connected a multimeter to monitor the voltage on the power line for a period of time. You could try this to see if the voltage drops at a certain time.

    Edit: Seems this is not the problem you're having judging your last post.
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