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Thread: USB enclosures?

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    USB enclosures?

    So i wanna put my harddrive outside my computer so i can take it in and out using a caddy or just bring the enclosure.. i've tried to vantec nexstar 2 3.5" and it seems like it can't boot from USB off my MII 10000. Well, it CAN but it's insanely slow and then freezes. I haven't tried any other type of enclosures. The nexstar works well within windows. but not to boot... i'm using the hardware on a dvd/cdrw combo right now.

    Any suggestions?


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    just buy and a regular enclosure and this....

    very good in booting up time!

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    i have a micro-size (new), usb enclosure case with a 20 gig harddrive(laptop) mounted. .5"x3"x5" size. Powers from 1-usb port (10ma) . and Ive tryed booting on my system and it works fine, and just as fast as internal harddrive. I have it listed in clasified area $100, dont need anymore, just put larger harddrive in system and use wireless network to transfer files now from main house system...


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