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Thread: Quick Car Wiring?

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    Quick Car Wiring?

    I'm leaving for a road trip in about 48 hours, the computer system i built for my car is still laying on my test table. I've tested pretty much everything, the powersupply/ITPS/cdrom/etc. I'd like to put it in my car as quick as possible so I can get it up and working.

    Anyone can suggest the quickiest way I can hook it up just for I don't have to rewire everything to the battery. I don't know much about car electrical systems either though but I will be getting help from someone who knows enough about wiring. It would just be temporary , when I get back I would set it up in a much better format.


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    cigarette lighter adapter? ok for computer but not amps.....
    use an ISO connector to wire up your speakers to existing setup


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