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Thread: Problems with Panasonic slimline slotload DVD+/-RW UJ-825-B

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    Problems with Panasonic slimline slotload DVD+/-RW UJ-825-B

    anyone have problems with the panasonic slimline slot load DVD+/-RW drive?
    mine seems to have these problems

    1) DVD playback freezes every 15 seconds every 2 minutes or so
    2) Cant rip cd's (cdex doesnt recognize the drive)
    3) Can't play cd's from windows media

    which pretty much makes it useless.

    interesting thing newegg stopped carying it after i bought mine

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    I have a panasonic dvd reader in my laptop, I had similar problems with it, tired everything to fix it, I couldn't. It kinda worked for what I wanted it for, so I didn't bother to sent it away for warranty.

    Funny thing is I reinstalled windows xp and now it works fine, strange. I was totally convinced it was a hardware problem though. Strange.

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    how do you have it patched into your computer?

    slimline > IDE > usb > computer
    slimline > USB > computer
    slimline > IDE > computer?
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    slimline > IDE > usb > computer

    even tried slimline > IDE > computer on another computer with the same problems

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    firmware bad ---> Upgrade firmware
    double check codecs

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    Hopefully it's not the drive. I got mine for Xmas but I won't be installing it for a few more days...

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    Iīve got the same one pacthed slimline-usb-epia(MII-12k) and I get very choppy DVD playback. Havenīt tried too many advanced features or done much troubleshooting with it, though. I was thinking that the usb bus was slow, but maybe itīs a firmware or driver issue. hmmm!
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    Wow Good I didn't get the Panasonic one... I got a Toshiba one

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    Tried to install mine today to no avail.
    PC>usb (4 way powered hub)> to the (newegg) housing with the Panasonic dvd drive.
    Says I'm trying to install a usb2.0 to a usb1.0 card. ("error installing")
    1. My pc isn't that old, when did most pc's start the usb2.0?
    2. It should still install regardless (per instructions) but it won't
    Any ideas please?
    I believe it's the housing that wants usb2.0, could I illiminate it and use a different adaptor that doesn't require usb2.0
    Funny though, the pc's internal cable (for the front usb ports) even say highspeed 2.0 cable.
    I hooked a newer mouse directly to it, it installs and works, but also says that I'm using a usb2.0 device on a usb1.0 port.
    Can I look/change this in the BIOS or something?, E-Cig Mods
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    I have the Panasonic CW-8123-B which is currently slimline > IDE > computer, but I am hoping to get an external housing to go slimline > USB > computer.

    I have had no problems with this drive for the 3 months that I have owned it. Bought it from Newegg for $76

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