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Thread: Took the plunge - ordered my relay card

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    Talking Took the plunge - ordered my relay card - And it came in

    I went and ordered my relay card over at last week. It was quite expensive but appears to have a very flexable interface that will allow for future upgrades. I looked at the Pidget cards but wanted something that would give me more flexability for later on.

    I got the IOADR1610 which is touted as a "HYBRID RS-232 Controlled 16-Relay Driver with 5 or 10-Amp Relays + 16-Bit TTL I/O + 5-Channel 8-Bit/10-Bit A/D + LCD + Terminal + Keypad Controller + Dual Pro Relay Command Set"

    Heres their pic from the web site:

    Here are some of the specs


    Low-Cost Hybrid 16-Relay Configuration

    Controls up to 2 Character Displays
    Supports Displays up to 80 Characters
    Integrated 16-Button Keypad Encoder
    Programmable Keypad Character Set
    Key Press-to-Screen Functions
    Hidden Key Press-to-Screen Functions
    5-Channel 8-Bit/10-Bit Integrated A/D
    Dual 8-Bit User-Programmable TTL I/O
    Integrated IOAD168 Command Set
    Integrated DUAL R8x PRO Command Set
    Read Status of Inputs
    Set Status of Outputs
    Mix Inputs and Outputs on a Data Bus
    2400/9600/19.2K/38.4K Baud Operation
    Firmware Driven Power LED
    Data Receive LED
    16 Relay Status LEDs
    Control Status of All or Individual Relays
    Read Status of All or Individual Relays
    Two-Way Communication Capabilities
    Integrated Timer Functions
    E3C Compliance
    Programmable Relay Memory
    Programmable Relay Startup Status
    Quick Connect Terminal Blocks
    High-Quality Sealed Relays
    True RS-232 Driver/Receiver
    +12 Volt Operation, 2/3-Wire RS-232
    High-Current Latch FET Driver Stage
    Internal Diode Clamping
    No-Click Power-up
    Compatible with NCD Expansion Modules
    Firmware Upgradeable

    I should get it sometime in the next week or so and will let everyone know how it turns out.

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    Looks sweet. From you icon, I would bet that you are trying to re-create KITT But really, what are you gonna use 16 relays for?
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    Great Card, very nice features and proberly the best ive seen so far, i still consider building one as the mp3car relay i/o card will add much more flexability when it comes to controlling from front ends but let us know how you go with this one, looks great
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    Amazing how many people bring up the KITT thing...

    I have plans for some preaty advanced stuff. The ultimate goal is to interface the computer with everything on the car. This includes the engine management system (MegaSquirt (, suspension (Air Ride, and various other things (rear hatch, internal lighting, external lighting, etc)

    The vision being that from the drivers seat I can adjust timing curves, boost levels, ride firmness all from the touch screen.

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    Thanks Danceheaven, I will be writing some custom software for the interface but look forward to the challenge. I checked out the MP3 designed board which looks like it will be a really good piece of hardware, but wanted something that would be able to handle advanced capabilities such as data acquisition and processing.

    There are some add-in cards that I would also be purchasing later on possibly such as the Controlled 8-Channel PWM Speed Controller / Light Dimmer

    From the prospectus it appears that I would be able to configure the card(s)/software to accommodate any automation task desired. Only time will tell…

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    I don't get the knight rider reference... K.I.T.T. is a 3rd generation pontiac fire-bird which is completely different from a 1989 chevy camaro (okay I'm officially a dork, but get it right people!).

    Anyways, that's a really cool idea integrating all that. Got any specs on your car? Have you taken her to the track?
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    The drive train is pretty much a stock 305. I have done extensive work to the suspension with a complete rebuild of just about everything. It has a sport suspension (all polyurethane bushings, sway bar bushings and end links, Hotchkis springs/rear trailing arms, pan hard bar, Bilstien Shocks, Hotchkis front end brace), WonderBar, sport shifter (B&M megashifter), Accel 300+ fire wire spark plug wires, HyperTech performance chip, Powermaster thermostat, and HyperTech 180deg fan switch.

    My previous car was a Porsche 928S, which has a build quality that is much greater than the Camaro’s. Unfortunately it also had a price tag to match. Parts were costing me much more than the car was worth and modifications to the drive train would have been out of the question. I also had recently purchased a home and the costs were just not justifiable so I sold it. Damn good car though.

    I remember one time thinking that something might have been wrong with the engine because it was going through a lot of gas…. Then I realized that going back and forth to work at over 130mph each day might have something to do with it. God I love the autobahn in Germany. It is an 8 mile straightaway with no hills or turn offs from my house to the job.

    It took about 6 months for me to decide to buy a third generation Camaro. It was a drastic step down from the Porsche but the aftermarket would support just about anything for the car and the cost for parts was much better. It’s a lot of fun to drive and will only get more enjoyable once the computer is in.

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    Thumbs up

    Got my card in today, and it is tooooo coool

    I can set relay positions that are defaulted to when the controler receives power. This will allow me to turn on or off different items prior to the computer booting up fully, such as my amps or monitor. Once the computer is up and running I can query the controler on the relay status or get input for various other sensors to determine if the car is in gear, running, a door is open, or any other status and act accordingly.

    It was expensive, but appears to be a really well manufactured piece of hardware.

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