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Thread: rear view camera problem..

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    rear view camera problem..

    have my tft flush mounted in the dash and have unsoldered the input select switch and run to a realy on my reverse lights. this is a 5 pin so the display controler thinks the source button is pressed when i go into reverse and pressed again when i come out of reverse. the problem is i forgot to take into account the fact that my display has 3 inputs. vga, s-video (my camera) and a video input. so when i go into reverse it switches from pc input to the camera but when i come out it goes to the spare video input. if i go into reverse again i get the pc back. what i need is a 'thing' that will simulate the switch being pressed once when the lights come on then pressed twice (with a 1 sec interval) when they go off. any ideas? thanks!

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    yes, it's been a year.
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    I made a really ****ty wiring scheme in paint to try to explain what I ment, but it still does a bad job.

    Basically the red wire is what I am assuming either a 5v or 12v power source that is switched from your break lights, thus turning on and activating a relay which either completes a loop on the button to simulate a button press, or it sends a power signal or something. For this, I am assuming that it's just a loop that is completed.

    Before grounding the 5v/12v switched break power to that relay, add in another relay from a site such as this:

    You want this relay to be activated by default, and shut off when it recieves a power source. Then attach it to the loop going to the video change button as well.

    So what you should have is 2 loops, lets call them loop 1 and 2. Loop 1 is off by default, and switching the break lights turns it on, which then in turn breaks the relay to loop 2, breaking loop 2. And the same goes when the break lights go off. It breaks loop 1, and then 2 seconds later loop 2 is activated, which is the same as pressing the button again.

    Not sure if your button is a loop or not or what it is, but I assume the same general concept goes with anything. Good luck
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