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Thread: Sirius PCR ?

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    Sirius PCR ?

    Hello Folks,

    The following information might be interesting for Do It Yourselfers interested in making their own Sirius PCR similar to what was done with the XMDirect PCR. Recently there was a posting at the TimeTrax Software Support Forum by dkieffer who is a Tech Support representative at the TimeTrax Company.

    The significance of his posting at the TimeTrax Software Support Forum is that the dkieffer states that the TimeTrax software version 3.2 supports both Sirius and XM protocols. In this posting dkieffer states that TimeTrax is using the Kenwood KTC-SR903 Sirius Radio turner (49 bucks) and a 13-pin mini-din cable to get PCR functionality from the Kenwood KTC-SR903 Sirius Radio turner.

    The folks at TimeTrax have figured out the Sirius software protocols and incorporated them into TimeTrax version 3.2. If a knowledgeable software inclined Do It Yourselfer could closely analyze the TimeTrax v3.2 software they could decipher the Sirius PCR magic bites and make a Sirius “magic bites” loader. If then an electronic inclined Do It Yourselfer figured out the 13-pin mini-din cable pinout information on the Kenwood KTC-SR903 Sirius Radio Turner a serial PC interface cable could be made. We could then make our own Sirius PCR.

    I am also providing information concerning the TimeTrax Sirius PCR.

    TimeTrax has two Sirius PCR products the TimeTrax Connect Sirius and TimeTrax Complete Sirius. Both of these products use the Kenwood KTC-SR903 Sirius satellite radio turner.

    If interested you can view these products by visiting the below links.

    Best Regards,

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    yeah, I am waiting for my unit to come to start playing with it. i'm hoping that something can be done homebrew, instead of paying $99 for a USB adapter.

    and it would be cool to be able to switch between the diffrent sat providers in my car
    S60 Install

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    any headway?

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