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Thread: adding cd changer to pc without bus

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    adding cd changer to pc without bus

    i have given up on trying to controll a cd changer from the pc (unless anybody has come up with a way) but i have a fm modulator unit and a sony ten disk and i am thinking i can come up with some way to provide power to the modulator when i press a changer button on my touchscreen and switch to a input on my sound card. i can then change disk etc with the modulator unit. what i need is a front end software that has buttons for a changer and a usb soundcard i can switch inputs on and some way of turning the changer on and off. does this sound like a worthwhile option or does anybody have any ideas?

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    I don't see much trouble controlling the CD changer from the PC.
    All the busses such as P/IP/I/M are pretty known and the only problem is to build the schematics for it.
    But the main question why ?
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    Build a second computer for your car. Buy an ATA card and add 8 or so CDroms to it. Toss in a router and you can map each CD drive to your existing carputer.

    It'd be hilariously sick in a trunk.

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    the 'why' is because i have one with antishock and the slotload drive i have in the dash keeps skipping when the car is moving. also i am using some half decent speakers and amps and noticed when i set it up on my home stereo that mp3s sound a lot worse than a cd in the drive. might just load my most played disks as wav files, these will have better sound right?

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