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Thread: Switching from Car to House power?

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    Switching from Car to House power?

    I have an interesting question. My computer is a P4 1.8ghz with 350watt power supply custom built into the trunk. I use a DC-AC inverter to power the computer because when I pull the car into my garage I unhook the power supply cable and plug it into my house power so I can run the CarPC all night and upload and download software too it etc. The problem is for me to move from the car power to the house power I have to turn the computer off and then back on. I was wondering if there is an easy solution (some kind of relay or something) that would allow me to plug the power supply into house power and have it switch over from the car power without the computer re-setting. I also don't want to toss a big APC UPS in the trunk either if I can avoid it

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    This is very crude. Plug in the house power & flip the switch. Probably could benefit from a capacitor. Maybe someone can help out. The internal caps in the computer power supply may be enough. not sure though.

    Power switch

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    Instead of switching look for a battery maintainer (something more complex than a simple battery charger that could overcharge the battery if left on too long). Rv dealers should have them drive around to a couple and look and see. You would just need a small one made for something like a little camping trailer. Put a plug somewhere on the car that connects to the battery and plug into the maintainer when you pull in the garage.

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