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Thread: computer crashes when playing vids

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    computer crashes when playing vids

    ive seen this come up b4 but i couldnt find the thread..

    ive got a via v10000 mobo and im using the video out on it.. when i try and play a video of any type.. it does that memory dump thing and resets the computer.

    in the bios u can select how much memory is elocated to the video. would it help to put more there?

    thanks mick.

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    What are you using to play the videos. And do you have the correct codecs installed?
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    im using frodoplayer to play em.. and i think did it would wmp also..
    and yeah i should have the correct codecs..
    it works when i play em on a monitor.. it just crashes when using the video out.

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    i figured something out (i'm having a good day today with figuring bugs out)

    in the advanced display settings.. i turned the hardware acceleration right down.. and it works a treat now..

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