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Thread: Wireless USB Ports?? NO MORE CABLE!

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    Wireless USB Ports?? NO MORE CABLE!

    Check this out!

    Holy **** man, just what we've all needed. Anybody know if this is out yet? This guy talks like it's still in the design phase.

    Just think, no more extending IDE cables or Long USB runs. Sweet.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    I can't wait to see this available to purchase >

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    Yea, I have known about wireless usb for about 6 months. They where trying to make a standard. It's not out yet and probably has another 8 or 9 months before you will see anything for sale using the technology. The only downside is, you can't have USB powered devices. So, no more USB powered CD drives, thumbdrives, bluetooth, etc. They would either have to plug into the wall, or have a battery. They are doing this to compete directly with Bluetooth technology.

    Also, they are developing the same thing for firewire. It's going to be called Firewireless (no joke). Whoever gets it done first, will probably become most popular.

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    yup.. no more powered devices.

    imo it would suck to change batteries all the time.

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    Slightly off topic, but related to USB

    When you use a hub that has a power cable to it is the signal stronger then the singal from your pc?
    Is it the same?
    Does it allow you to run more length of USB cable to other devices?

    Ive have read some posts on USB saying 10 to 12ft is the longest you can get without it getting unstable. So i was wondering if i run 10ft of cable to a power supplied USB hub, then run 10 ft from the hub will it be stable?

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    (6) I believe a hub is the same as an active extension (a 1-port hub sort of). Powered or not, you can connect a cable up to 10ft on each side.

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    Correct hub = repeater. The standard says you can go ~15ft (MAX) without a hub.

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    The talk about Wireless USB has been around for 2 years, in fact, their first promise was to come out with it in 2004.... Hopefully they won't lag much longer. I am not sure about using that in the car (too many power wires and/or batteries) but I definitely would love to see my 7-port USB hub disappear together with the 9 cables it makes me have around the desk.

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    Its just easier to have a cable....I have a 15ft cable connecting my hub and pc, the hub isnt powered and has a printer, external drive, CF read/write, and a wireless keyboard/mouse hub. I have never experienced any problems with any of the devices. I think they are overly cautious when they say 10 ft.

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    This might answer your wiring length questions.

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