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Thread: The end of in car computing is near

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    Exclamation The end of in car computing is near

    well for windows xp that is.... what is your views on the new......

    mac mini

    yea I know it is a mac but OS X is easy to work cause it is unix......

    power requirments and cooling are great.... speed...well g4 says it all

    plus ati 9200 + quatrz extreme.... will look better on composite lcd than the windows counterpart.. of bluryness

    what are your thoughs?

    oh and price a mere $499.99
    Justice may be blind, but it can see in the dark

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    Or if you don't like OS-X, you could always put a Linux distro on it.

    I'd love to have one of these babies... just to play with it.

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    When good GPS navigation for all over the world, and a good frontend comes then I might agree...

    For now I'm not betting my moneys on it

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    My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
    I'm a lesbian too.
    I am for hire!

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