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Thread: Couple quick questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edrex
    Post whore!!
    I would do no such thing...I'm contributing to this thread is a useful manner

    actually pirate_king...I did read your thread...that's exactly why I posted

    meant to be a joke, if you take offense, I apologize.

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    You won't need to power your USB hub unless you plan on plugging other hubs to this one. I bought a USB 2.0 hub and checked for hi-speed connectivity to the PC using a 16ft. USB cable. Worked fine. How do I know that it was connecting at 2.0 and not 1.1? I transferred a 1GB file to the PC from a device connected to the hub.

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    Hey thanks for the info. Only need to order GPS (Thinking of the gm-211) and undecided about software. I am thinking about this because it also does marine. I plan on doing a system to my 24 baja if my dodge ram comes out smooth. So we may need a new site LOL. Also looking heavilly at the destinator 3 or iguidance. I see that is what most are using but the fugawi seems cool and also has a freee demo download to try. So just USB fm device and setting up the software before install I should be all set.

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    The Fugawi sofware looks cool, but may clutter a map with unnecessary topographic information. Also, how does the interface compare with iGuidance or Destinator?

    IMO, vehicle navigation software should only show roads, their names and, optionally, POIs. Any other information should be relegated to other application views. What I especially liked is their tracking software. Kind of like Lo-Jack or OnStar, but you can check the location of your car from any location where you have access to the internet. I have a faint memory of another company with something similar, but can't recall the name. It's definitely a plus for those with everything but a nuclear weapon protecting their car from theft.

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