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Thread: What form factor does everyone use?

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    What form factor does everyone use?

    I have been lurking this forum for quite some time and have finaly decided to put a system in to my truck. I have looked at prices for the various parts and it got me thinking. I have lots of room and I will be buildng a custom console for my PC so do I really need to buy mini-itx stuff? The savings for me to buy ATX components should be alright and as such I will be able to spend more my components.

    Focus: What form factor is most common or what are you using? And, other than size, what are the advantages to mini-itx?

    Thanks for the help


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    It's split about 50-50 miniITX vs microATX
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    I seriously doubt you are going to get someone spend time answering this because the answers are out there and it would require a biggish answer - go read search on different form factors and read people signatures!

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    Scouse - you wanted to say that for ages aint ya!

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    I'll agree, I actually specifically remember a full thread that was talking about this IN DEPTH not too long ago....

    I believe the title was " Why miniitx?" or something along those lines....=]
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    the answers were out there, but not exactly in a direct comparison. That is, until I started a comparison thread that can be found a little ways under this one. Called Mini ITX VS Shuttle. CHeck that out, it's exactly what you are asking here.

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    If you have enough space, you should go with mATX. I just got an 1ghz ITX and it's slow compared to my 1ghz mATX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OriginalNick2
    Scouse - you wanted to say that for ages aint ya!
    who me????

    Red gTI - i remember that thread very well too - which is probably what triggered my firm but fair comments.

    F-Fame: you have room for a larger system, you know you will be able to buy better stuff if you go larger so you have kind of answered your own question anyway. Looka t my sig for a start - ditched laptop and going mobile athlon - i am ditching the lappy cos it is just too much of a compromise and and i can do better using mATX and i want more power than ITX and can't hide an ITX anywhere so may as well go mATX.

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    Yeah, I have to call shenanigans on the 'I've been lurking for a while' comment.
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