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    I have found a problem with the M10k.

    Regardless of the BIOS settings, combination of USB periphials plugged in, or anything, I cannot get a USB2.0 HUB to work with a IDE HD converted to USB.

    I have a USB 1.1 HUB plugged in and works fine with the HD. But once I plug in the HD and the USB2.0 HUB in together the bios will freeze. sometimes during memory check sometimes when "checking for IDE periphials"

    If i have the USB2.0 HUB plugged in , itll work, if i have the USB HD plugged in, itll work. Once I plug in the HD and the HUB together though, itll freeze until I unplugg either. It has no problems in WIN2K, but only during BIOS boot.

    I have tried nearly every combination imaginable; Bios settings, USB2.0 with HD plugged into the HUB, USB2.0 in one slot and the HD in the other, but whatever I seem to do, the HD and HUB will NOT work together on boot.

    If anyone has had this prob or anyone who may have a resolution please,, lend me a hand.

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    Just to make sure, you do have a usb 2.0 built in ports rite for you to use the usb 2.0 hub rite? Oh, if you do try a different brand usb 2.0 hub some brands out there are kinda wierd at how they work. Try some better known brands.

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