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Thread: New project for the carputer!

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    New project for the carputer!

    Everyone loves steering wheel controls right? I sure as hell do.
    I also dont like using a keyboard (I dont have a touch screen) to change songs and stuff. I've had to use the KB for about a month now and I'm getting sick of it. So I've finally decided to get my *** in gear and start on the project I *sorta* started when I put this system together.

    The victims: Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad (gameport oldschool) and Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard (usb)

    This is quite the task but basically I am taking both the gamepad and the keyboard apart. And then struggling with the gamepad (because microsoft is full of crack addicts and even when the button isnt pushed in, it is still a complete circuit, but when the button is pushed in, the circuit remains (doesnt cut out for an instant) but the resistance changes. So instead of activing a "bridge" each time, it changes resistance. What a waste!) so I had to make new bridges and stuff inside the controller. Each button on the gamepad will be wired into the keyboard. So I can use the logitech itouch software with the OSD while I'm using a gamepad or steering wheel controls.

    Gamepad? On your steering wheel? Your crazy!
    Yes I am crazy, but no thats not what I'm doing. The attached image is the steering wheel mounted control. Volume up, down, play/pause and skip forward and back in the playlist. Plenty for steering wheel. The gamepad will be mounted in the center where my head unit used to be. It can be taken out and hand held aswell (if need be).

    The gamepad will NOT function as a real game pad. Really all it is is an extension of the buttons on the keyboard thats all. It may sound simple but it isnt QUITE as simple as youd think. On both the gamepad and the keyboard I cannot solder, so I will have to use a combination of glue and straps to hold the wires in place (wires are from a phone line more than likely, go dollar store!) so the buttons can activate them properly.

    The sidewinder also has a green LED inside it, that lights up when its plugged in. 2 Things, I want that back (since its not actually connected to the computer it wont get power) and secondly I dont want green. So I will be using a blue LED that will be soldered to the PCB of the gamepad. I will run a voltage line directly off the USB plug to power it. So that way when the keyboard is on (which it should be 100% of the time the computer is running) the light in the controller will light up blue.

    Its really too much to explain, but I will have pics when I'm done.
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    I'd like to hear more when more is available. Take lots of pictures
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    It sounds like a reall great, and doable, idea!

    One question though, how do you get around the problem of the wheel spinning around causing a wire tangle?

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