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Thread: Anyone else having any issues with Cold weather?

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    Here is some possible solutions.

    1. Keep carputer under a seat so it can be climate controlled (at least during the winter) in your ride
    2. Get a Remote Starter for you car. Preheat your car 10 minutes or so before turning carputer on.
    3. Hookup a switch so you manually turn on your when you feel the interior temp has risen. (they also got those wireless temperature things you could hookup to ur case)
    4a. Make yourself a usb/firewire enclosure and take it out after cold days.
    4b. Get one of those slid out hard drive trays you can easily remove

    Good luck.
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    i keep a hair dryer in my trunk for the cold days... boots up fine after a minute of heating...but otherwise if its too cold, it will keep crashing after post until it gets warm enough. btw my computer is in the trunk so there's no other feasable way of heating it. and i can't get a removable hard drive cases because....well.. i'd have to build a new computer case and thats not possible while at school.

    the next install is going behind the dash so i can heat and cool it without too much of a problem
    rebuilding carpc... kinda..

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