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Thread: Under seat install

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    Under seat install

    I am planning to put my mini-itx setup under one of my front seats. I tried a couple of different search strings but nothing really came up.

    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of setup? I am planning to put in under the seat because I think it will be easier to put in and take out and there will be much less wiring required. Plus it will be well-hidden. But if I am headed for complications, I'd like to know.

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    consider three things, 1)how much more suceptical to damage will it be( wet snowy feet/ sand & what ever other crud can & will be on someones feet & movement of the seat,DON'T FORGET SEAT COMPRESSION UNDER WEIGHT OF A PASSENGER, not to mention any other crap rolling around on the floor) 2) cable length restrictions/complications & 3) airflow & cooling. The floor & under seat area can get very hot, wintertime heaters are blowing to the floor, you will defenatly have to work on air flow & being in the line of heat ducts can be an issue, summer has heat radiating through the floor.....

    alot depends on the type of vehicle too, should work great on a minivan but gotta be almost impossible on say a little acura or something... you say you want to take it in & out so I'm assuming you have plenty of space? it can be a real ***** connecting & disconnecting a pc under a seat unless it's say a laptop with a docking station under there, but this creates a whole new set of problems, I've done the laptop under the seat in a dock thing & it worked out pretty well, mini itx should be a little more of a challenge....good luck.................

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    4) the little monsters that live under car seats...
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    I have mine installed under my seat. It's on little legs I attached to the outside of the travla c134 case. These keep it off the floor of the car. They're adjustable too. Adjusted for maximum clearance without touching the seat.
    The seat still has full movement.
    Since the outside of the travla case is now attached to the floor of my car, when I want to remove it, I just remove the inside part of the case. It's like the travla case was made for this.
    It works well for me. I've had it since the middle of last summer. I didn't have overheating issues. It's now winter, with the heater blowing non stop. So far, so good. That's not to say it will be perfect for you too, but mine is one working example.

    I had to remove the passenger seat to install the system. You can see where I ran the wires for power an to get up to the Xenarc screen in the dash.

    A closeup of the legs. If I were to change one thing it would be the leg design. They are a little too skinny and have a little forward/backward movement to them. This summer, I will replace them with legs that have a much wider base, using two screws to secure it to the floor instead of one.
    I made them adjustable because the floor of my protege5 is very uneven. This way I can level the case independant of the height of the base of the legs.

    With the seat reinstalled. I pulled some of the wires out, so you can see where the case is.

    Here's one of the dash, just for the hell of it.

    Hope this helps you decide.

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    ahh nice! Thats about the same setup im gona do in the next few weeks, is that a opus?
    except mine will be under the drver seat since i got all my other equiptment under passager seat (XM, AUX in)

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    Take a look at this thread regarding my setup under my rear seats...

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