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Thread: New system, CASE reccomendation

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    New system, CASE reccomendation

    Looks like my credit card got declined on my new casetronic case, I need to call and authorize the purchase. It gives me time to change my mind. I had posted that I was going to use the C137 for my new LV-670 P4 system. I have a opus 150 and do have a 8 or nine +5v rail devices that I am afraid I am going to have to add additional PSU for external devices, I see opus understands and is allready making the POL DC-DC but not currently for sale. I was then told the c137 has a funky dc-dc that needs 19+v and basically a rip out and toss in a drawer. Carnetix or someone makes a smaller outboard PSU that I can fire on with a relay controled via the Opus, so Im asking for suggestions there. Since I dont have the case coming, I was wondering if someone could recomend someone elses p4 mini-itx case that might have a power suppy I can actually use in this setup, why spend money twice? I also looking at the C138 (not sure if its PSU is the same as the C137 or not) but I've got a few days to order the new case, anyone please chime in with suggestions, the c137 is about as big as I can afford in space for length and width, but I can afford 4" height as in the c138. I most deffinently wouldnt want to use the 12.5x10.5 of the c137 WITH the 4" hieght of the c138, 12.5x10.5.4" is too big, I hope that all makes sense...



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    Ohh ya, my 1gig DDR366 is 1.5" high but I did manage to get a 1u CPU cooler. I believe the memory heighth is .25" taller than some cases allow.

    Thanks again....

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    I also looking at the C138 (not sure if its PSU is the same as the C137 or not)
    Both the C137 and C138 come with either a 90W or 120W +19V DC-DC PSU...

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