hi guys i just finished my in car pc and i was runnin it for a couple good weeks now and last night when i got on it to put a couple new songs off the net it was working fine at first and then it started to lagg and lock up so i couldnt restart or do ctrl alt del so i jsut pressed and held the power button till it turned off waited 10 secconds turnd it back on and it says COMPAQ then loads up but when its supposed to load up the XP logo and all it does not come up but the working light on the unit itself blinks asif its trying to load so i left it on all night long and in the morning it was all booted up then i ran like degfrag and disccheck and all that sasy everything is fine then i restarted and it came up with the same problem it comes to the xp logo but it just has that green bar going across heres what im running

compaq ipaq business pc
700 mhz celeron
256 mb ram
60 gig hd
lilliput 7 inch touch
dlink wireless usb card
xp home edition (cant find my pro cd so i stuck with this)

heLPPPPP ill format if needed let me know if theres any way to get around it witout formating