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Thread: Camera Black Box

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    ok here is the newest version of a selector that i had lying around..
    15-1976 was the model i have

    i just forced all 4 inputs down to all be selected at once as long as no more than one is active the signal is recognized by the xenarc other signals are ignored so far.
    i need to compare different types of signals like videos with alot of motion etc but it seems to work well
    if the new model is as crappy as this one and allows all inputs to be selected it should work for anyone else wanting to try this.

    IS THERE ANYTHING unforseen that can be bad for the cameras and or the xenarc by mixing the composite signals can they potetially backfeed and cause damage to either components?
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    Maybe something like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimages
    Maybe something like this
    Huh. Yeah, I guess that WOULD do the trick.
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