just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this card before and has some advice to get it to work even half assed. its a tv tuner card and is supposed to be an fm tuner as well (its got a plug on the back labelled fm antenna). ive been playing around with the thing all day trying to get it to work with radiator, but i have yet to get it to respond. i dont know whether its because its got really ****ty reception or its just not working period. i just wanna know if it will work or not. because if it does, this will definitely be a sigh of relief since it will cut the need to buy a new tv/fm tuner for my carpc.

btw, its original drivers only work with windows 98, but works with a generic bt848 driver.

i should also add that radiator is not putting out any sound at all. not even static. only when using a tv viewer like dscaler does it spew static on the speakers.