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Thread: Steering wheel controls for carputer

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    Steering wheel controls for carputer

    Ok not sure if anyone has used this
    however it looks to be answer for steering wheel controls to work. It says that the radio you use must have a reomte control. However I do know that with the soundblaster audigy 2 nx comes with remote and you should be able to do some remote learning from there.
    So if anyone has used this, please let me know what the results are and also what your setup consisted of.

    This coming weekend I will be installing my carputer in my 2003 dodge ram 1500.
    I will also be removing the entire sound system and putting in Infinity Kappa's with a JLe6450 amp with a JLw3v2 10 woofer. The pc is a 2.8 ghz 800 fsb (very quiet and small computer that will fit under the front drivers seat so that you have access to the dvd drive (however i will have wireless and using daemon tools so that I can mount dvd images) I should be posting some pics after next weekend with before and after shots, and hopefully after doing all my homework (I hope not to have any issues.)

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    God of CPU found a way to make the controls work through the com port. You might look into this as another option.
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    I am using the same unit in my Sienna - to control a Jensen radio - you can teach the unit any infrared commands you wish. Just get a remote to work with your pc and the rest is easy. Highly recommended and works well.


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    Or you can use LPT directly or IMHO best way is to wire youre steering wheel remote buttons directly to PCB from an old keyboard (you can "chose what keypresses should each remote button represent). Cheap and convenient method (old PS/2 keyboard is practically free).

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    thanks for the response. That is what I was looking for, someone that has used one. Looks like I will be ordering one this week.

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