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Thread: computer freezing? HELP!

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    computer freezing? HELP!

    Ok guys, I got several problems going on with my whole carputer deal. I know a lot of you guys have seen my setup and yeah, all looks great, but sooo many problems. Haven't really said much about it yet since I'm trying to do my own research and trying to tweak them out as I go. First off, I solved like about 99% of all my software problems so I'm not worried about that, so I really think this is hardware issues but maybe even electrical as well. Ok well I'm sitting in my car with windows loaded up and everything working fine. Start playing some music, still fine. Then as I play the music up louder, it still plays fine until about a minute or two later. The computer freezes up and I'm forced to shut the computer off by holding down the power button. Well I've asked several people about this and so far, it seems like it's a voltage problem. Since I have 3 amps for my system, it's just drawing too much power from my battery and I can see the voltage fluctuate from about roughly 12.4-12.6 volts while the system is playing. This doesn't really happen if I'm playing the system at a normal, moderate level. Well another problem. The computer again locks up when I play music at a moderate level and have the gps running at the same time. Now I HAVE done my share of researching on here and so far from what I have found, I need a 12 V regulator? What exactly is this? I mean how does this work? Will the 12 V regulator still fluctuate in voltage like my battery does if my system is being played to the fullest and cause my carputer to freeze again? Right now as for power supply, it has its own computer power supply with a 400 watt inverter. Someone please help because this whole project is becoming extremely frustrating.

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    Is there a difference in the freezing from when the engine is on or off? Does it freeze easier with the headlights or other accessories on? Sounds like your sound system is sucking more power from your battery at higher levels and not leaving enough for the inverter/computer. May need any of the following: A better battery, a cap or tank circuit, higher output alternator or just a better inverter or P/S.

    How is your inverter wired up? Should be a high gauge wire to the battery. If you have a high draw sound system you may want to keep separate power leads for your computer and audio setup.
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    Well a second battery was my other option. Battery strictly for the computer anyways. But yeah, the computer only freezes when the system is played louder or when I play music with gps running. I got 3 JL Audio amps, 2 300/4 and one 500/1. I think those amps got its own "regulated power supply" as well which is why if the voltage drops, they still put out the same amount of power in different voltage ranges, so I was wondering if that 12V regulater power supply for the computer has the same effect and whetherit will fluctuate as well if the system is played louder. As for battery, I have a optima red top which has always served me well. I think the inverter is just fine. SO I guess my question is would having a 12V regulated power suply solve my problem withthe computer freezing if the computer is not getting the power that it needs?

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    The answer may here:
    1. The subs shift the memory a little bit (RAM) and that will definetely freeze or mees up the computer, maybe you can hold the memory in place while the sound is turned up.

    2. If you can dish out 170$ get an opus, and that will not only allow your computer to turn on and off whenever you put in the key and take it out, but also will regulate the power, so if Voltage is anywhere from 7 - 18v, the computer will still work. Also you computer will not turn off when u start or turn off the car. Again, goto store and buy and Opus. Its a gd solution, and if you know about it, then i am sorry to bug you....but check the memory thing i talked about. good accord buddy

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