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Thread: Advise me on my setup, please

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    Advise me on my setup, please

    I have a rough budget of $1500 for my audio system. I've decided I'll work from the inside out on my car, since that will be the "comfort zone."

    Here is a list of the components I've decided on. My plan is for a decent in car theater with high quality sound for my music as well. It will be controlled by a custom Car PC that I'm building (the car PC is in the budget as well) and I can install it all myself. My concern is WHAT I've picked out. I've been out of the car audio loop for a while, so I don't know what's good, what's bad, etc.

    I picked these b/c A) I don't want a lot of bass and B) I want a decent, all encompassing range in the car, nothing drowning out anything else.

    Kicker CompVR $100
    Alpine SPS-460A $85
    Alpine SPS-690A $120
    MTX Thunder421D - Sub Amp $250
    Kenwood KAC-6401 - 4 Channel Amp $170

    I'm using Crutchfield for the info, I have a guy to go to for all the parts. What do you think? The KAC has preamp out for the sub so I don't have to wire it seperately, which is a big plus and one of the reasons I chose it. I think I've got all the wattages worked out too, so will this system work well?

    My car PC works out to $850, so I'm a little over, but my speaker guy says he can knock off $250 for the sub/speakers/amp.

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    you might get more response in the car audio forum
    Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*

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