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Thread: External CD/DVD ONLY with Mini ITX

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    External CD/DVD ONLY with Mini ITX

    Does anyone know what I have to do to be able to use an exteral cd/dvd drive (usb) as my only cd drive? Can I use an external one for installing my software for the first time? thanks

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    I think that's how alot of people do it, I mean what other cd/dvd drive would you have? And yes some mobos allow you to boot of a usb drive such as the epia m10k but I couldn
    't be sure about any other boards. And I wouldn't suggest it because it'll take alot longer to install your OS/etc... off a usb drive versus a regular ide dvd drive. And to make it your only dvd drive simply connect only that drive.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    There is quite a number of motherboard can support the usb cd boot up. Just go to the motherboard bios change it to the first boot to usb cd drive.
    If you cant find it, you have to go to your motherboard manufacturer download the lastest bios and see whether can support or not.
    I have tried mine by using usb thumb drive boot up. It working fine.

    All the best!
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    if it is XP you can do it, with win98 you will have problem with USB external CD/DVD with the drivers and you will not be able to install it ...

    All other functions are the same. Suggested Operating System Windows XP with SP2.

    I have a MII 12000 and I use a DVD player in an external case.

    It is super, except the size of it.



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    you shouldn't have a problem with it....unless you are me.....for some reason I couldn't get the Panasonic slim-slot to work with the mapower external enclosure and the MII12000 mobo.....

    Jan Bennett
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    thanks for the help everyone. hope this works! i have a slimline laptop cd burner/ dvd player that is a slot type. really nice and thin and looks just like a factory drive when in the dash.

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