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Thread: AOpen MK79G mATX mobo

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    AOpen MK79G mATX mobo

    Just having a look at a cetain well know rip-off PC shops other, cheaper section and came across this mobo:

    MATX, socket A with nForce2 IGP grpahics (so Geforce 4MX one would assume).

    It also has 4 USB and 2 firewire ports - putting it on a par with the MSI one but has no SATA.

    Seems to have FSB setting in 1mhz increments and lots of bios software etc so the possibility of it being suitable for mobile athlons without a wire mod is quite good. And at 45 its pretty cheap (with free psotage i think)

    aopen US page:

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    Thats the one i'm using, the on-board graphics are very impressive (for onboard) i can play pretty much anything with resonable settings.

    The Aopen one seems superior to it, i would go for it. Make sure you are 100% sure that the mobile chip will work before buying, i did that mistake...

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    Most boards can be made to use the athlon mobile by doing the wire mod - but i am hoping this board has multiplier settings - it looks like it may. It doesnt have SATA but i am unlikely to use SATA in my car - although having said that the warranties might be better on SATA.

    does your MSI have any multiplier options at all or is it just FSB settings? Also, cant he firewire support hot plug - i noticed the Aopen doesnt support hotplugging on the firewire (says it will blow the chip if you try which is worrying in a car as things can come lose)

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